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On Shiatsu, well-being and good health

At your convenience, you can benefit from a treatment of Traditional Shiatsu given by your host, who himself is a practitioner licensed by the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu.

This art is considered to be a therapy towards well-being; therefore, let yourself be tempted by a moment of calm, of relaxation, or by a personalized energy evaluation.

Shiatsu is a discipline focused on energy, a traditional discipline with its origins in Japan. It consists of methods to apply pressure on certain points to facilitate energy to flow freely.

The practitioner of Shiatsu applies this pressure with his fingers, and especially with his palms. These pressures are applied on areas or acupuncture lines.

Above all, these pressures result in a better circulation of energy.

Without any secondary effects, Shiatsu improves the suppleness of the muscular system, helps the nervous system to function harmoniously, as well as that of the endocrinal glands. It stimulates the blood circulation and that of the lymphatic system.

On the physical level, it stimulates the natural defenses of the organs, improves the vertebral alignment and muscular relaxation, increases the suppleness of the body, stimulates blood circulation, improves respiration and regulates hormonal secretions and metabolism.

On a psychological level, Shiatsu brings about a state of great well-being and internal peace; it frees blockages and sharpens the senses. It helps to let go and allows one to confront situations in a much better way.

Shiatsu ascribes to the oriental tradition of prevention and maintenance of good health. A therapy that is officially recognized in Japan, it is taught and practiced in Europe within the strict and respected professional guidelines, controlled in France by the French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu.

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